My Name is Hans Grewe

Understanding Medical Cannabis

My experience with cannabis oil in the fight against cancer

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) contains the entire spectrum of ingredients of the cannabis plant. The Canadian "Rick Simpson" has successfully fought his cancer with this kind of cannabis oil and also further patient reports about successes against cancer are based on this oil ...


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in female hemp (cannabis). Medically it has anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relieving and anti-nausea effects ...

Facts and the lies of the manufacturers

"CBD oil has its right to exist but it does not cure cancer"

Everyone is talking about cannabis oil. The fact that there are fundamentally different variants, which differ significantly in terms of their effect or effectiveness, often falls under the table - also because many websites and manufacturers themselves do not differentiate. In doing so, they mislead consumers and those in need - consciously or unconsciously. This little guide should help you to keep track of things.

CBD has no psychoactive effects

CBD oil combines many essential nutrients that cannot be produced by the body itself

CBD influences various receptors in the human organism

CBD oil is said to have an antioxidant effect

CBD oil can have anti-inflammatory effects

effective for inflammatory and neuropathic pain

CBD oil is used for multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, stress, nervous conditions, insomnia, acne and allergies


Fact 1

The concentration of the active ingredients in commercially available CBD oil is usually far too low to be medically effective.


Fact 2

CBD oil providers are just springing up and promoting the most incredible healing effects of their product. For this they call absolutely horrific prices that are in no way related to these healing effects.


Fact 3

CBD manufacturers often use the term “cannabis full extract” for their CBD products. This term is clearly wrong in this context, since a "full extract" must contain all the ingredients of the cannabis plant, including the substance THC, which is illegal in Germany.


Fact 4

The successes in the treatment of cancer with cannabis oil were all achieved with medically highly concentrated cannabis full extract oil (RSO), NOT with over-the-counter CBD oil!

Successes with cannabis full extract oil (RSO)

The success stories that I have been able to observe in recent years are without exception based on treatment with cannabis full extract oil and are all verifiable and diagnosed by the treating doctors.

More information on

Prostate cancer with bone metastases - success with cannabis (RSO) and abiraterone

A. has been suffering from prostate cancer with metastases in the bones for several years. Although the older man succeeds in keeping the tumor in check with the aid of the selective enzyme inhibitor abiraterone, the disease is not in sight.

In summer 2019 A. will make a decision with the help of the patient advisor Hans Grewe for additionally treating with highly concentrated cannabis full extract. This special cannabis oil has become known as RSO and is mainly used by patients with degenerative diseases. In September 2019 the first cure is running out and the patient's son reports (Continue reading)

Full cannabis extract for metastatic breast cancer

The following patient report was published with the consent of the author. The patient's real name and email address are known to us, but have been made unrecognizable for anonymization. You are now reading the patient's mail to Hans Grewe. Only slight corrections have been made for better readability. (Continue reading)

Successful cancer treatment with cannabis full extract (radiology report)

Susi [Name changed] is a cheerful woman in her fifties when she was diagnosed with cancer about three years ago: a mammary carcinoma with metastases in the cervical spine area and a tennis ball-sized tumor in the pelvic region.

Because of the side effects, she decides against chemo. Doctors reject an operation in the pelvic area: the procedure is too risky. (Continue reading)

Success with cannabis oil in liver cancer

A case report documenting the success of using cannabis full extract (RSO) in a liver tumor. (Continue reading)

Cancer therapy with cannabis oil - doctor urges chemo / radiation (brain tumor)

Alfons (name changed) had an operation in September 2016 to remove a brain tumor. The operation went satisfactorily, only residual tower and scar tissue remained, as could be seen on an MRI image two months after the operation.

Alfons has not taken any medication since the operation, only a daily dose of medicinal cannabis oil (RSO). Another MRI image gives new hope four months later: no growth, possibly even a decrease in the tissue, according to the chief doctor ... (Continue reading)

Strong decrease in metastases with cannabis oil despite the diagnosis "INCURABLE"

Do you still remember Anna-Maria? In April we introduced you to the story of the young woman who was consecrated to death by her attending physician and who still did not stop fighting. One month after the breast cancer diagnosis, she started - in addition to a palliative chemo - with the daily intake of small amounts of a highly concentrated medicinal cannabis full extract, which, based on the well-known RSO (Rick Simpson oil), the name of the European Rick Simpson counterparts Hans Grewe wears: HGO, Hans-Grewe-Oil.

(Continue reading)

About me

My name is Hans Grewe and I have dedicated myself to the topic of “cannabis in cancer treatment” for over 10 years. Despite promising studies and individual success stories in the treatment of various types of cancer with cannabis full extract, the topic remains problematic in Germany and Europe. Patients who want to get high-quality medical cannabis oil in a “legal” way are in most cases made difficult or even impossible by the legal situation in this country. While other countries, such as Canada openly deal with the topic of "medical cannabis", it is criminalized with us and the hope for those affected is neglected. I openly advocate the legalization of medical cannabis and the decriminalization and freedom of self-determination of people who would have the chance of alleviating or even curing their cancer through the treatment of high-quality cannabis drugs and RSO. This page is purely private and it concerns my personal experiences and opinions, I neither want to advertise products nor advise buying illegal substances in Germany! 

My opinion

"Lots of people have an opinion, but I (Hans Grewe) have facts!"

"The concentration of CBD in over-the-counter CBD oil is usually so low that a medical effect can be virtually ruled out!"

"All success stories regarding cannabis in the fight against cancer are based on treatment with cannabis full extract (RSO), not CBD oil!"

RSO, cannabis whole extract, HGO explained

Again and again I get questions about which cannabis oil is the right one. And that is understandable, because the flood of terms is overwhelming, especially for newcomers to the topic.  

The oil I am dealing with is what is known as a cannabis full extract or full spectrum oil. The best-known form is called RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), contains all cannabinoids and other plant ingredients, with at least 50% THC and 20% CBD. 

The name HGO (Hans Grewe Oel) also means this full-spectrum oil, but with certain quality standards: free of harmful substances, organic cultivation, extraction in the laboratory under medical standards and with quality control (effectiveness, purity). 

Each of these highly concentrated full-spectrum oils is illegal in German-speaking countries, which is mainly due to the high THC content. Many people use them as an aid and remedy for cancer and other degenerative diseases. The effectiveness is (yet?) Not fully scientifically confirmed, but there are numerous case reports (see e.g. Unfortunately, many black marketeers take advantage of the legal situation and ignorance to sell ineffective, contaminated or insufficiently concentrated oils as "RSO", with sometimes fatal consequences. In order to create some reliability in the whole extract jungle, I have created a seal of approval together with colleagues from the industry, see

 Here you can find an article about HGO / RSO:

It is my job to advise and help with this resource, with knowledge, mediation and experience. Since my work takes place in a legal gray area, a certain amount of discretion is necessary - which is very at the expense of the patient. Therefore, my team and I are constantly working in the background to make HGO legally available and to put pressure on those in power. We rely on education, networks and courage.

For the differences between HGO / RSO, CBD oil and other oils, see the two-part article below

If you have any questions or requests for help on this topic, please send me a message!

All the best, your Hans

Cannabis whole extract and Corona

According to a mail survey of all patients who have been in treatment for 12 months, we have a rate of 92 percent who have neither signs nor problems of flu or corona (although they are among the risk patients). On the contrary, the majority feel right at home. This is perhaps not only, but certainly largely due to the consumption of HGO cannabis full extract, which is known to act as an anti-inflammatory and has other positive effects on the immune system. 

It is a shame that so many people are currently afraid and that the scare tactics from the ranks of politics and the media are still partly fueled, while at the same time one is hoping for a vaccination that has never been subjected to a long-term study ...

I wonder with concern whether the older ones among us have totally forgotten October 1st, 1957…. At that time, the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal GmbH brought the agent Contergan with the active ingredient thalidomide onto the market without having properly tested it. The result was massive malformations in children.

I remain skeptical about hardly tested drugs and vaccinations, as long as there are safe alternatives and I can decide for myself…. because who knows whether it is salvation or a devil's stuff like Contergan….

Full cannabis extract will never cause serious harm to a patient, even if it shouldn't help with the disease. But in most cases it helps to at least make everyday life easier, to boost the immune system and, in the best of cases, even to cure degenerative diseases that are difficult to cure. This is supported by the experience and successes of the last few years ... and the small survey confirmed me again that especially during the cold season, and then Corona on top, the oil unfolds a positive effect that protects and protects against worse. Thanks to everyone who gave me their feedback!

Kind regards Hans Grewe

(M) a little review of 2020

Dear friends, I hope you can look back on a few relaxing holidays and have a happy new year! I also put my feet up for a few days and looked back ...

2020…. a crazy year. My work also depends a lot on contact, and I've always been a boy whose life happens a lot outside on the street. Corona made it all a little different….

In May I attended the for the first time as a lecturer Expert training for cannabis as medicine involved to provide information on the subject of RSO / HGO (highly concentrated cannabis full extract / full spectrum oil), its use, procurement problems, legal situation, etc. Because of Corona, this was only possible via conference call, an unusual situation, but easy to do despite small technical glitches. In November there was a second round, in which I was allowed to be there again with my team. Many thanks to all participants and organizers!

Speaking of "HGO": Also this year, after great encouragement from many sides, I decided not to use "RSO" for my oil. ? Rick Simpson Oil) but from HGO (= Hans Grewe Oil). Simply because "RSO" denotes many types of oils that have different concentrations and properties, but HGO means a very specific oil.

Many already sick people in particular have suffered from the corona situation and are still doing it, which is sad. At least I am happy that my clients who use the oil ? HGO full extract) currently take, in 2020 until early winter no corona cases and no corona or flu-typical symptoms appeared . And I hope that the oil, as a "side effect", will help keep it that way.

I was also pleased with the positive progress of the many successfully treated people this year, of which the story of a cancer patient stands out, who was copied by the doctors and on her own with the help of the oil was able to almost completely defeat cancer within a year.

At the same time, my thoughts go out to everyone who is still struggling, who is suffering from their illness or who has had to lose a loved one. I wish all these people all the best and much strength from the bottom of my heart.

And all of us…. a life with the greatest possible freedom, dignity and health!

All the best, yours Hans Grewe


PS: In terms of cannabis insurance, we were only able to make small progress this year. An investor from the industry has been found who was ready to talk, but there are still many details to clarify…. small and large, especially when it comes to the legal situation. As before, as a kind of “initiative”, there is the possibility of a 10%igen participation in the oil in the event of illness. The only condition is the documentation of the treatment (see We thank you for around 35,000 Eur. Grant in the last six months!

Cannabis insurance - negotiations ongoing

In order to protect people who are affected by cancer from the economic consequences of treatment with cannabis full extract at an early stage, I started the project "Cannabis Insurance" brought to life! Cancer is still one of the main causes of death in Germany and around the world. The vision is to give everyone the opportunity at an early stage to take out insurance just in case, so that they can start therapy with cannabis without any additional financial burden. The project is certainly a Herculean task, especially since one has to fight on the one hand against the power of the pharmaceutical industry and on the other hand against the political prohibition line, which largely sees cannabis under the aspect of drug abuse and generally demonizes it! 

However, the hope is growing that something will change at some point and so I am currently in contact with some insurers who consider the topic of “cannabis insurance” to be a serious and correct approach. There are still various points to explain, it would definitely be too early to be specific here, but there is a certain dynamic that I would at least like to mention here, as I was asked by many about the state of affairs.

Until the cannabis insurance is ready, I want to start my own initiative and I am offering prospective customers a 10%ige participation in their treatment with cannabis whole extract at. The only condition would be that I can accompany these interested parties on their therapy and publish the results of the treatment, anonymously of course. I am happy to answer questions about this using the contact form. 

Interesting facts about cannabis full extract & CBD

NEWS: Danger from synthetic cannabis!

An important note from me on the current occasion. There are currently large amounts of synthetic and chemically contaminated cannabis in circulation! People who rely on the medicinal effects of cannabis in particular are at great risk of having these substances seriously impaired. The Berliner Morgenpost writes, for example (quote): 

“It is also observed that pure herbal mixtures are adulterated with such substances and then sold as cannabis. "Such products pose a risk of poisoning for consumers," the report said. The funds have therefore appeared in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria, among others. "

I would like to warn against purchasing cannabis products of any kind from dubious, incomprehensible sources, especially not if they are used for medical purposes!

You can read the complete article of the Berliner Morgenpost under this LINK read!

Greetings and stay healthy,

Your Hans Grewe

My current interview with "Hemp heals"

My current interview with "Hanf Heilt":

Our readers are probably familiar with the name Hans Grewe. The Amsterdam native works as a patient advisor in Holland and Germany and has repeatedly sent us interesting case reports in recent years in which patients report on their experiences with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or similar cannabis full extracts.

According to his own statements, Hans Grewe has over 30 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and has been a consultant in the medical cannabis sector - with a focus on RSO - for a good six years. Now Mr. Grewe was ready to give us a Skype interview …


Do you remember Susi [name changed]? After being diagnosed with cancer a good three and a half years ago, she decided in spring 2019 to treat a metastatic breast cancer and a tennis ball-sized pelvic tumor with cannabis full extract (Rick Simpson oil, RSO / full spectrum oil). With the help of the patient advisor Hans Grewe She started taking the oil every day and noticed steady improvements in her condition until she was free in June 2019. ...

Webinar of the German Cannabis Academy

At the beginning of May I was a speaker at a webinar of the German Cannabis Academy as part of the training to become a cannabis expert. It was the first time in a long time that I went public like this. Here is a review by the organizers. ...

An interview with Hans Grewe

A Dutch journalist known to the editorial team is on the patient advisor at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Hans Grewe who was ready for a short interview. It was about a rumor that has been making the rounds in the RSO scene for a few weeks: Does or did Hans Grewe have contact with the pharmaceutical industry?

Does cannabis oil from the drugstore help?

On January 14, 2019, BILD asks exactly this question and thus reveals a fundamental problem: Most of us don't actually know what cannabis oil actually is, which active ingredients are contained and which are not. Cannabis oil without a prescription is the “darling of the stars”, “Film stars like Jennifer Aniston & Dakota Johnson use over-the-counter cannabis oil against stress symptoms and actress Gwyneth Paltrow even mixes the oil in smoothies and cocktails,” according to BILD.


The patient advisor Hans Grewe, together with De Beurs Nederlands (manufacturer, dealer, laboratories), has been developing a seal of approval for organically produced full-spectrum cannabis extract (Rick Simpson oil, RSO) since 2019, which will soon appear on the labels of the participating full-spectrum oil Manufacturer is attached to give consumers an orientation.

Feel free to ask me your questions!